About Us


Fraser Jeffrey Finance Pty Ltd (FJF Finance) works closely together with major lenders in Australia not only finding the best overall products. FJF Finance believes offering great rates is just the beginning. Giving clients better terms, faster service, less hassle, along with professional advice and tips is how they add value.


One of FJF Finance's main objectives is to educate the Australian public about mortgage brokers. With the various options that consumers have today, mortgage brokers should not be a mystery. Their experienced mortgage brokers are well respected throughout the mortgage and finance industry.


Fraser Jeffrey Finance P/L (FJF Finance ) has been trading as a finance broking house since 1999 from the offices at Wangaratta. Since this time they have established offices in a number of regional centres around Victoria. In addition they have offices within the Melbourne area.

FJF Finance are specialists in the commercial, housing and leasing asset finance market with alliances with many of the major lending institutions and mortgage practices. We are committed to ensuring that the customers needs are placed first and utmost. We offer a strong financial background with substantial banking experience.


Value in the mortgage industry is usually defined by one thing - a low interest rate. At Fraser Jeffrey Finance P/L is a Finance Broking house that puts the clients needs as our first consideration – not the lender’s. We match your individual needs to an appropriate funding source.


In any business, trust is the fundamental key of a company's success. When it comes to mortgage financing, this practice is invaluable to a company's prosperity. FJF Finance goes the distance to earn your trust; they want your business today and in the future.

FJF Finance has also developed a clear and concise Internet privacy policy; your personal information stays personal and is only released to our approved lenders. Your personal information, mortgage application and email address is never sold for third party uses.


FJF Finance is committed to providing you the best possible service in the mortgage industry. They will provide you with competitive rates along with great mortgage options. Our service is based on your ability to pay your mortgage, not the amount of investments you have.


FJF Finance has a strong community presence. They are involved in some school and community organizations.